Don’t they look like real Zebra stripes? Zebra cake as pretty as it is delicious, not overly sweet, soft, light, fluffy and unique looking cupcakes.

Makes 12 cupcakes

• 2 tsp, 4g matcha green tea powder
• 2 tbsp, 20g hot water

• 4 egg yolks
• 70g milk
• 20g corn oil
• 45g plain flour, sieved
• 15g corn flour, sieved
• 1 tsp, 5g vanilla extract

• 4 egg whites
• 1/2 tsp white vinegar or lemon juice
• 60g sugar


1) In a small bowl, add matcha green tea powder and hot water, stir combine and set aside until ready to use,

2) In a bowl, mix (B) egg yolks, milk, corn oil, and vanilla extract. combine with plain flour and corn flour, stir until well combined.

3) In a separate bowl, whisk (C) egg whites until foamy then add a few drops of white vinegar and sugar a little bit at a time until, firm to stiff peaks, the peak stands straight up when the beaters are lifted from the mixture, about 5 minutes.

3) Using spatula to fold until incorporated. Pour half of the batter into a separate bowl, and add the matcha mixture, fold until well combined. Spoon the mixture into a piping bag, use scissor to cut a hole in the bottom of the bag.

4) Squeeze about 3 times of the plain batter into the centre of the cake pan, then another 3 times of the green batter on top and repeat until all batter has been used. Bang the cake pan onto the work surface to remove any air bubbles.

5) Bake in no preheated oven, no water bath, middle rack, up and bottom fan, (p) 120°C/ 100°C for 35 minutes. After baking, rest in the oven for 5 minutes. Baking time it will depend on the size of your cake pan. To make sure your cake to succeed even better. It is best to use an oven thermometer and you’ll always have the exact temperature of your oven in mind.

Helpful Tips:
1)It’s important to follow exactly this recipe and baking at the right temperature.
2) Do not bake the cake quickly at a high temperature and don’t remove hot cake out of a baking pan. otherwise the cake could fall apart and crack on top. Baking cake at a lower temperature will help the cake rise much higher and bake more evenly.
3) Please understand that everyone’s oven work differently. You should also check the temperature of your oven. if not, your cake won’t rise well. 
4) You can test the cake by poking it with a skewer, if it’s cooked the skewer will come out clean. if not pop it back in the oven and bake until it’s ready. 
5) Folding is very important to created in the cake batter it rises as high as possible, don’t use electric whisk to do this, and try not to be heavy-handed, otherwise you’ll knock the air out. If you’re too vigorous, you’ll also make the texture of your cake tough, instead use a spatula in a gentle, slow and deliberate figure of eight motion, up and down finishing with scrape around the edge of the bowl. repeat this action, but don’t be tempted to over-mix.
6) Use a clean, dry bowl, free of yolk and any other oil or grease while beating egg whites. Do not over or under-beat the egg whites.
7) Don’t open the oven door until the cake is almost cooked.
8) Follow the exact weights given in this recipe and don’t use cheap analogue scales that are hard to read. Use digital scales that weight in 1g increments are your best friend when baking.

Recipe Source: Josephine’s Recipes

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