What’s for dessert ?: Hiking – every start is hard

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Green and blue

I was never a sports guy. But never – neither in elementary school nor in high school, and I didn’t become that even after coming of age. If we neglect physical education classes during school and Saturday outings at the disco (which in my case means dancing all night), the only physical activity I’ve always done is walking. I could have joined the then popular martial arts in elementary school, but I didn’t, it’s not for me (I wouldn’t fight for a reason, let alone without it). I could have played tennis or volleyball in high school, but for that kind of activity I lack the competitive spirit to chase the ball. I could, like most girls, go to fitness, pilates, yoga and the like, but when I remember that I should go to exercise a few times a week, I immediately lost my temper.

And so I wasn’t physically active for years. Nothing but walking. It was because of that love of walking that hiking seemed like something I would feel comfortable in. I adore nature, I love walking, so I have all the predispositions to become a mountaineer. Oh how I was just wrong! I didn’t know there was walking and walking.

Holiday on the way down from the Table (2,236 m)

One Saturday, I went to Snežnik with Slovenia with the girls. A two-hour walk from the starting point to the top of Snežnik sounded like a good beginner’s trip. And everything was fine until the first slope appeared on the trail, which was followed by the second slope, then the third … I can barely catch my breath, my heart is pounding like crazy, I’m falling behind … And then it got even worse. The last half hour of walking – a narrow rocky path on which the roots of juniper are intertwined. Halfway through, I told them to leave me where I was, that I no longer had the strength to lift my legs to climb the rocks, that I didn’t care what the mountain lodge (our goal) was, because I just couldn’t anymore. They didn’t let me give up and I climbed to the top. The reward was a beautiful view from the top and the fact that I succeeded. I won Snežnik !! I buy a hiking diary at home and tell myself that from this moment on, hiking becomes serious.

View of Schlosser’s home – Risnjak (1.528m)

Aware of my non-existent condition, I initially choose less demanding trails and peaks, although even on such trails I have big problems as soon as there is an ascent or the need to lift my leg more than usual to step on a rock. The first real feeling that I had really achieved something was when I climbed Risnjak and grabbed the famous steering wheel with both hands. What thoughts flew through my head and I can sum it all up under the same denominator – I’m doing something good for myself and my body. I’m making progress! A little, but I’m making progress !! The climbs are still difficult, but they are no longer so difficult.

Učka (1,396 m) – a mountain I look out the window

With regular trips to the mountains, my fitness has improved and I look forward to each new trip. There is another reason why I am looking forward to climbing the mountain. These are desserts that are offered in Slovenian mountain lodges. Find out which Slovenian dessert won me over so much that I decided to make it at home below the story of hiking, which I will publish in January.

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