What’s for dessert ?: Mountaineering – Begunjščica

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On the slopes of Begunjščica

I fell in love with Begunjščica last year while climbing Stol (the highest peak of the Karavanke). I was especially impressed by Roblek’s home, ie its location on the sunny grassy slope of the mountain. Then we agreed that we would definitely go to Begunjščica. During mountaineering schools we were given the task of writing a trip plan. I didn’t think long about the purpose of that trip. I knew immediately that I would plan my trip to Begunjščica. That plan finally came true.

View of the Table from Roblek’s home

The weather forecast was not favorable for us and predicted rain as early as 11 o’clock. We hoped it wouldn’t fall after all and we started the climb at 9 o’clock. The air was heavy and steamy, but we set off full of will. As time went on and the longer we walked, the more we were bothered by the heat. But we did not give up on our goal. We finally reached Roblek’s home. Since it started to get dangerously dressed, we stopped briefly and continued further towards the top of Begunjščica.

Flowers on the trail itself

We were a little discouraged by the sign that it was another hour’s walk to the top. We walked and walked and never got to the top. When we were close, a fog crept over the top. We calculate that we will stay at the top for a short time, just to print the diaries. We took out the logs and saw the food in the backpack and had a picnic. As we ate, the fog cleared and the sun appeared. The view was beautiful. We enjoy!

Descent from the top of Begunjščica

Now all you have to do is get back to the car. We chose a round trip, which means that we do not return on the same trail, and our first goal is Dom na Zelenici. A steep descent awaited us. As demanding as it was on individual parts, I enjoyed every moment. The idyll was spoiled only by flies, which annoyed us with their buzzing. I knew that the descent would be harder than the ascent and that the trail was partly demanding, but when I saw the sipar, I was speechless. My first sipar! I didn’t know what I was going to look at first – the path I had to walk or the vertical “paths” that made the stones rolling from the top. The husband went first. He took a few steps when he heard the sound of rolling stones. We stood as if buried and watched the movement of the stones. When it finally stopped, we moved on.

Walk on the sipar

We passed happily all the way and we arrived at the Home in Zelenica a little tired. How nice to sit down after so much walking and take a break. We still have an hour to get to the car, but the trail is no longer demanding. Our gaze fled towards Storžič and we set it as our next goal. How it was on Storžič, I will tell you in the next mountaineering post.

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