What’s for dessert ?: Mountaineering – Dinara

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I got used to the comfort that most Slovenian mountains offer – a home at the top or in its immediate vicinity. You eat something on a spoon, treat yourself to a beer or dessert. In our country, mountain lodges are a rarity, which is especially a problem for me in the summer when I have to haul a lot of water because I have nowhere to replenish supplies. That is why I was worried about going to Dinara.

Van transport to Badnja

Dinara with the peak Sinjal (1831 m above sea level) is the highest Croatian mountain and I could not miss this trip. I was not deterred by the night bus ride to Knin, or the hot and warm day and walking on the rocks, I have to climb to the highest peak in Croatia. Honestly, I didn’t have high expectations – desolation and rock. Oooooo, how surprised I was. Dinara is beautiful!

Upon exiting the forest the nature is beautiful

Our hike starts from home in Brezovac. After leaving the forest we are amazed by the beauty of nature. Everything is green and spacious, it reminds me not of the country where the Hobbits live. It is warm and there is no shade anywhere on the trail, but we don’t mind, we enjoy the view.

There is less and less greenery

The more we climb, the less greenery we get and we enter the rule of stone. Along the way we are very careful, we avoid encountering a hopscotch. Although other mountaineers warned us that they had seen a hippopotamus in our immediate vicinity, we encountered only one on the descent. We stopped and watched him leave the hiking trail and disappear into the grass.

View from the top of the mountaineers arriving

The higher we climb the landscape becomes harsher, the more we enter the reign of the rocks. I expected such a Dinara. It’s hot and we’re already tired, but as hypnotized we walk on. It is an indescribable feeling to be at the top of Croatia.

Beautiful views on the descent

The descent was breathtaking. Everything that was left behind during the ascent is now offered as in the palm of your hand. Every once in a while we stop and enjoy the view. I’m glad I climbed the Dinara. The supplies of water and food from the backpacks were sufficient for me and I did not lack the comfort of a mountain lodge.

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