What’s for dessert ?: Mountaineering – Snežnik

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Peak in the fog – view towards Snežnik (March 15, 2015)

It is not said in vain to be remembered first. This is how I remember my first mountain – Snežnik in Slovenia, 1,796 m high. And I gladly return to it every time. The first time was the hardest, because it was also my first hiking trip. I’m used to walking and when a friend told me it was a two-hour walk to the top, I didn’t attach any importance to it. We went uphill, then a little straight, then uphill again, a little straight and even steeper, and I without strength and breath. Finally a flat plateau with benches and a longer break. I sit and eat. I watch a bunch of logs and hikers come up to that pile, take a log or two and move on. My friends tell me – so will we. It is a mountaineering custom to carry wood to the home. I think I can barely carry myself, and now even that log. I put it on my backpack and move on. About another hour’s walk to the lodge and the summit. And the longest half an hour. The path is no longer so wide and is intertwined with roots and stones. I’m tired and I can barely lift my legs. I want to give up, sit where I am and wait for them to return. But still I go further, step by step. I managed to get to the top somehow. We take a long break at home, drink hot tea, eat and have fun. I buy a mountaineering diary and describe my first mountaineering experience.

Trail to the top of Snežnik (07.09.2013.)

The second time was already easier. I knew where I was going and what the terrain was like. Since I was barely dragging myself for the first time, I was just wondering if there was a shift in fitness. We are alone, my husband and I. The weather is not favorable, fog all the way, occasionally dewy rain, and the last half hour we are followed by a strong wind. I show him and tell him where I last rested and where I wanted to give up. I walk easier now and I don’t need big breaks. As the top was in fog, we were deprived of a beautiful view so I will be back for the third time soon.

Snežnik – near the top (March 15, 2015)

The third time on Snežnik was a real paradise for all the senses. A beautiful sunny day, we enjoy the scent of flowers and herbs, the bees are buzzing all the way. We ate dessert at home, strudels with walnuts. Again, I compare my walking compared to the previous two times and I am extremely satisfied, there is almost no fatigue.

Koča Draga Karolina in Snežnik (June 18, 2014)

My favorite visit to Snežnik is definitely the last one. Ever since Christmas I want to visit Snežnik in winter conditions. We planned to leave twice, but both times it was bad weather so we gave up. Finally came March, when my mountaineering company had a scheduled trip to Snežnik. It is not to be missed! In addition to the classic walking trip, there is the possibility of attending a movement exercise in winter conditions. We also apply for the exercise. Due to the accessories for winter conditions, the backpack is heavier than usual and I wonder how I will walk.

Posing at the top of Snežnik (March 15, 2015)

When we started walking, I felt fantastic. My backpack was no longer heavy at all, and the cold air pleased me. The famous trail looks completely different, everything is white and shrouded in fog. I am thinking about how a trip to Marija Bistrica called “vacation for body and soul” was held yesterday and how this trip should actually bear that name. All worries and problems are gone as if taken away by hand, I don’t think about anything, I just enjoy it. I am eager to try out the new equipment. The exercise goes great. I calculated that I would be treated to strudels, but I couldn’t take off the crampons and I guess we won’t stay long at the top, because we still have to practice on the descent. I’m not sorry, there will be more opportunities. On the descent the fog dissipated, the sky got a beautiful blue color and the sun warmed us all the way to the bottom of the trail.

I will definitely return to Snežnik again, my wish is to welcome the sunset and sunrise on the mountain and I think that I should experience that first sunset / sunrise on Snežnik.

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