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View of Storžič from Dom na Kalučili

When I think of this trip, the first thing that comes to mind is – I walked for 10 hours. The reason for the long walk lies in my, one might say, obsession with the set goals. In this case it is about Slovenian mountain trail. On the stretch from Maribor to Ankaran, there are 75 points (mountain peaks, mountain lodges and other sights of Slovenia) on which there are stamps that need to be collected in the diary of the Slovenian mountain trail. Running it is possible to visit all the points in 7 days, 11 hours and 25 minutes, which is Klemen’s record. When I bought the booklet, I set out to collect the stamps within three years. As soon as we decide to go to Slovenia, I immediately “consult” the diary to see how many stamps I can collect in one day. Apart from the top of Storžič, the seals are located in two mountain lodges, each located on one side of the top. Round trip again, great!

Mark on the track

The 10-hour walk figure isn’t exactly accurate, as I walked part of the trail on all fours. The road through Žrelo, which we climbed, is secured with cables and quite steep, so we carried self-insurance equipment with us. I read the comments on the track and most of them pointed out that they didn’t get on the cable at all. Great, it will be a kind of test for me, this is a height higher than on Gradiška tour. I didn’t insure myself anywhere, though at the very end of the road I was thinking of getting hooked. I have problems with the wrist of my right hand, and the cable was on the right side and it is quite steep. But I said to myself – when you get there without climbing, you won’t even get hooked in the end.

I enjoy

The weather is great, sunny with an occasional breeze, just to cool us down. The sky covered with beautiful clouds. In a word, an idyll! All the way, we are on guard because of the configuration of the trail itself – we either walk on pebbles or on stones that are not stable and there is a possibility that the stone you hold on to will stay in your hand. But that can’t spoil the pleasure. We calculated that the climb to the top would be demanding, and it turned out to be a walk along the Promenade, just what a tired body needs.

Storžič (2,132 m)

At the top we talk about further plans. We have two options, go back to the same side or go to the other side of the top for another stamp. Not everyone in our group is a printing press, but they are eager to walk, so we continue descending to the other side of Storžič. It is steep and shallow and we descend slowly. In the distance we see the road that leads to the House on Kališče, our next destination.

Steep descent

We take a longer break at the Home in Kališče. We have already seen a sign showing our continuation of the journey and announcing a walking time of two and a half hours. If only we could teleport to the car. The trail that takes us back to our starting point is not very visited, but it is well marked. Tired legs hope there is no more loose terrain, but it seems, there is no way we can avoid it. We are comforted that the terrain will become more stable when we descend lower. The longer we walk, the more demotivated we are, and we know that we still have to climb the Javornik Pass.

Towards Dom pod Storžičem

Fortunately, the climb was not long. At the top of the pass we were greeted by a sign according to which we have another 45 minutes walk to the car. Joy ensues and the mood improves. I’m just thinking about taking off my boots and socks and leaning back in my seat. No matter what, I had a wonderful time!

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